Collections and Creditors’ Rights

A creditor seeking to prevent a loan from becoming delinquent or who is dealing with an already delinquent loan needs experienced and creative legal representation to maximize recovery. We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of problem accounts. Our attorneys are problem solvers dedicated to finding the most effective, cost-efficient solutions to our clients' business problems. We provide the legal skill and expertise that creditors need to deal constructively with problem loans and bankrupt borrowers.

A negotiated and voluntary settlement, one which avoids litigation or bankruptcy, is generally the most efficient way to deal with a problem asset. Our attorneys regularly handle "workouts" of all sizes and levels of complexity. We have the experience and resources necessary to:

  • Establish a workout strategy and timetable
  • Devise the most appropriate legal structure for the workout
  • Negotiate the workout
  • Document and close the workout

    Although a negotiated workout is generally the preferred method of resolution, litigation is sometimes necessary. Our attorneys skillfully conduct legal proceedings and other creditors' rights services including real and personal property foreclosures, actions on notes, and guaranties. We also regularly defend entities against lender liability claims and other claims by borrowers and guarantors.