Barney McKenna & Olmstead represents individuals and businesses in filing for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 7 (discharge of debt), Chapter 13 (reorganization and discharge of debt) and Chapter 11 (more complex reorganization and discharge of debt).

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. The inability to pay your debts can be overwhelming. The first step in taking back control of your finances is to know your options. The attorneys in our bankruptcy practice can address a wide range of issues including medical bills, mortgage foreclosures, credit card debt, loan defaults, liens, divorce liabilities and business debt. Keep in mind that bankruptcy laws vary from state-to-state. Furthermore, the bankruptcy laws have been revised several times in recent years. Our attorneys help you determine which option best suits your situation.

The old rumors of how long it takes to re-establish a good credit rating are no longer true. Many good, hardworking and honest people find themselves facing the decision to file bankruptcy and many have not recovered from the recent economic downturn. You are not alone. We live in a country that recognizes and has established a system that allows individuals to take risk because we recognize the potential benefits that come from those that take risk. Bankruptcy is a necessary part of our country's economic system as it provides a safety net and new beginning when, despite best efforts, the results of certain risks do not yield as expected. As just a few examples, Henry Ford and Walt Disney both filed for bankruptcy prior to their subsequent greater successes.

Bankruptcy can help you eliminate debt so you can afford to take care of yourself and your family and start again to build up and provide a benefit to you, your family, and others. A consultation with one of our attorneys will bring you peace of mind and start the process of regaining control of your finances.