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Barney McKenna & Olmstead, P.C. Welcomes Ron Hill to Law Firm

Barney McKenna & Olmstead, P.C. is pleased to announce that Ron Hill has joined their firm. Ron's areas of practice include Estate Planning, Probate, Estate and Trust Administration, Business Law, Guardianships, and Conservatorships... Read More

Asset Protection Planning for Professionals and Business Owners

If you are a Utah business owner, an individual in a high liability profession, or if you are an individual with a high net worth, a Utah asset protection trust can help protect you and your family. A practical and powerful asset protection tool is the Domestic Asset Protection Trust ("DAPT")... Read More

Doing Estate Planning for Children

Few tasks we attempt during our lives have a greater impact on our family than creating an estate plan. The key to proper planning for children is not simply to leave money, but to leave money intelligently... Read More

Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms

An avalanche of do-it-yourself legal forms has descended upon us lately. The fact is that such forms can be extremely risky to use. One size does not fit all, particularly in regard to estate planning... Read More

Storing Your Estate Planning Documents

Gathering necessary paperwork in one location will save your loved ones an irritating game of "find the forms" after your death. You may choose a bank safe-deposit box, an office filing cabinet or a fireproof lock box... Read More

Simply Perfect Ways to Give to Charity

Whether you have a large or small estate, it is very easy to make a simple charitable donation in your will or trust. This article gives a few simple techniques to help those who want to benefit a charitable organization... Read More

Advance Directives for Medical Decisions

What if an illness or an accident leaves you in a coma? Would you want to have your life prolonged by any means necessary, or would you want to have some treatments withheld to allow a natural death? An advance directive allows you to give instructions to your health care providers and your family on these topics. ...Read More

Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

If you have young children, you've probably thought about who would raise them if both you and your spouse were to die. It's not an easy thing to consider. However, you can make plans now that will put your fears to rest... Read More

I Died...What Happens to My Pets?

This is a relevant question to anyone with pets.

Having been a pet owner for 40 years, and as an estate planning attorney for 23 years, I've been keenly interested in and have seen many ...Read More

Business Expo

We are excited to announce our participation at this years Business Expo...Read More

Understanding the Probate Process

It is common to hear the statement, "I want to avoid probate" or "I don't want my family to go through the horrors of probate." When you ask these same individuals "What is probate?" many do not have an answer ...Read more

The Best Way to Receive an Inheritance

Getting an inheritance in any format is great! However, getting an inheritance in trust may be even better. Let me explain.

Most client want all or at least part of their estat to go to ... Read more

Third Thursdays - Educational Forum

FREE Seminar Here, FREE Seminar There FREE Seminars Everywhere!

"Free" Estate Planning Seminars verses Educational Forums, there is almost always a difference. In this article, I hope to explain the distinctions. ... Read more

Estate Planning in 2018

As a new year begins, many people make plans and New Year's resolutions.

If your plans include travel, you may want to make and keep a resolution to update or get an estate plan. ... Read more

Hurricane Valley Business of the Month

Barney McKenna & Olmstead was honored as the Business of the Month by the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce at their recent monthly luncheon. The firm's Hurricane office was ... Read more

Operational Excellence

Owners of small or closely-held businesses may encounter certain challenges with respect to operational excellence that are less applicable in larger entities. Often times these small businesses operate less formally due to pre-existing or familial relationships, which can result in oversights to certain areas of the business. Examples of such oversights include: the lack of or sparsely worded agreements; a lack of documentation of important business decisions or transactions; and, improper use of business profits. ... Read More

Second Marriages Later in Life

Second marriages later in life can be wonderful experiences and often should be encouraged, but they are not without some special considerations.

Often, older couples have to cope with adult children who cannot understand why mom or dad wants to remarry.

By updating one's estate plan, many concerns related to the marriage can be minimized.

In second marriages later in life, there is often a desire to allow the estate of the first spouse to die to be available for a surviving spouse during his or her life. However, the deceased spouse often wants the estate to ultimately be distributed to his or her children upon the surviving spouse's death... Read More

M. Eric Olmstead Presents Employment Law Legislative Update

Eric Olmstead currently serves as Legislative Chair for the Color Country Human Resource Association (CCHRA), a fellowship of Human Resource Managers in Southern Utah. CCHRA is affiliated with the Utah HR State Council and the national Society for Human Resource ... Read more

Estate Planning For Children

by Jeffery J. McKenna

Few tasks we attempt during our lives have a greater impact on our family than creating an estate plan. Proper planning can ensure the future of our children, whereas little or poor planning can have devastating ... Read more

What is "Step-Up in Tax Basis"?

"Cost basis" is a term unfamiliar to most. Estate planning lawyers and accountants use it a lot, but what does it mean?

Cost basis is used to describe the original cost of an asset. It is used to determine the ... Read more

What Happens to Your Pets When You Die?

Many people have pets. Perhaps you have wondered what would happen to your pets if you were no longer able to take care of them. Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Can I provide for my pets if I am unable to take care of them?
Yes, you can. The law allows you to choose a caretaker for your pets...
Read more

Estate Planning In 2017

by Jeffery J. McKenna

Many years ago, as a young couple with young children, my wife and I excitedly boarded a plane. The children stayed with grandma.

As the plane's engines screeched into take off mode, my wife's excitement had ... Read more

Should Digital Assets be a Part of Your Estate Plan

by Jeffery J. McKenna

What are digital assets? Digital assets are digitally stored content or any online account owned by an individual. They include individual files such as images, downloaded music, your Facebook and other such social media accounts, photos, ... Read more